Using the app

Downloading the app

You can download upark! from:

  • Apple App Store (devices with iOS 9 and newer are supported)
  • Google Play Store (devices with Android 4.4.2 or newer are supported)

Filling in forms

Enter the requested information in the text area under each field. The required fields are marked with an asterisk*.

If the form is not filled in correctly, the missing or invalid fields will be underlined in orange. A descriptive error message will appear under each invalid field, also highlighted in orange.

Using iOS Accessibility features

Users with visual or hearing impairments can use accessibility features such as VoiceOver for iOS. VoiceOver can be used in connection with a wireless braille display, and is available in all upark! cities.

Report an issue with the app

When experiencing technical issues on a regular basis, we recommend deleting and then reinstalling upark!. This will ensure that you are using the latest available version of the app. You can download it from Apple App store and Google Play store.

If your payment method is not working, try deleting your payment info and then add it again.

Should you have any doubt at any stage of the process, you can contact us via our open form at

Can I use the app anytime?

upark! must only be used while your vehicle is parked. We are not responsible for a reckless and dangerous use of the upark! platform while you are driving.


How do I park-in

If you are searching for a parking spot, you have to click on park-in. You will then ‘see’ all drivers that are about to leave their parking spot in a radius of a few thousand metres. Wherever an exclamation mark appears, there is a parking spot free for you… Be fast!

You have to click on one of these users to know i) which type of car is leaving and ii) the price for the upark! exchange.

Once you have selected your parking match, please click “Confirm” to be guided to such spot.

Finding my park-match

You will be able to see a part of the plate number, as well as the car model and colour of the uparker leaving the spot. In addition, the address from which the user is leaving is displayed in the screen.

In addition, upark! geo-locates the users parking-out in real time, so you will know their location in real time.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. However, if you cancel your exchange 3 minutes (or more) after confirming the parking match, you will be charged with the full amount of the upark! exchange price. 80% of that amount will be allocated to the uparker parking-out, and the remaining 20% to upark!.

How much am I charged?

The upark! exchange price is based on a proprietary algorithm that depends on four factors associated to each city conditions: i) traffic level, ii) cost of living, iii) off-street parking price and iv) fuel price.

The price is different and fixed for each upark! city.

Can I make a booking in advance?

No. All exchanges must happen in real-time and you will only see those uparkers that are leaving their spot at that very moment.

Can I request more than one spot?

No. During the exchange process (since the moment you confirm your intention to take that spot until you park your car), you cannot request another spot.

To select another parking spot, you will have to first cancel your current exchange (and you will be charged for it if you have taken more than 3 minutes to do so).


Identifying my park-match

When you are about to leave your parking spot, you have to share your current location by clicking on park out, and answer three simple yes/no questions about your location.

Drivers searching for parking spots nearby will ‘see’ you. When one of them selects your spot, you will be informed about their distance and arrival time. From that very moment the user parking-in receives guiding indications towards your location.

You will be able to see a part of the plate number, as well as the car model and colour of the user driving towards you. To help you identify your parking match, upark! geo-locates the users parking-in in real time, so you will know where their car is located in real time.

How much do I have to wait?

Usually less than 5 min. upark! only offers parking matches that are within a few thousand metres from your position, in other words at no more than 5 minutes driving distance in normal traffic conditions.

When the user parking-in arrives, you will be rewarded with a symbolic payment for your waiting time.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. However, if you cancel your exchange 3 minutes (or more) after confirming the parking match, you will be charged with full amount of the upark! exchange price. 80% of that amount will allocated to the uparker having offered the parking spot, and the remaining 20% to upark!.

How do I get paid?

When your user parking-in has successfully taken your spot, you will be automatically rewarded with a symbolic payment. The balance of your wallet will be increased instantaneously. upark! will keep 20% of the price paid as a compensation for operating the service.

Remember that you can use this balance to park-in next time you are wasting your valuable time searching for parking.

Paying for your exchanges

Topping up my balance

When you run out of balance, you can top up by clicking on “My Wallet”. You have to select the amount you would like to top up: 2.99€ or 5.99€. The maximum balance allowed is 70€.

Select your billing country and payment method. When topping up for the first time, you will be requested to accept the upark! Terms & Conditions.

All your payment methods will be saved. For next top-ups, you can select a previously stored payment method or use a new one.

Transferring funds to my bank account

If your balance is above 10€, upark! allows you to transfer your funds to your bank account. For that you have to click on ‘Transfer Funds’.

You will be redirected to the Stripe site, in which you need to register and enter you bank account details. For more information, visit

Additional features related to the use of upark!

Once I have matched with another uparker to exchange a parking spot, can I communicate with my park-match?

Yes. Once paired, both uparkers are able to talk with each other through a voice chat.

To use this feature, after matching with another uparker, just tap on the microphone icon that appears on the upper right corner in the map screen. The application will start recording automatically. Record your message and press ‘Send’. Voice messages will start playing automatically once received.

For instance you can use this feature to better describe the parking spot, to give details about some reference in the surroundings, to report any delay in arriving, to comment traffic conditions or to communicate unforeseen changes. This feature will also help you to reach the exact parking spot with more precision, just in case there is a lack of accuracy in the GPS information in the course of the operation due to external factors such as surrounding buildings, weather conditions or limited GPS accuracy.

How old must I be to use upark!?

In order to use the upark! app to park-in or park-out, you must be 18 years of age, or the age of legal majority in your country, and in addition hold a valid driving license.

Any other question about upark!

We are here at every stage of the process to help you. If in doubt, please contact us via our open form at